Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TJ has been officially called!!!

Fantastic news!!!!

TJ has been officially called as the Associate Pastor of 2nd Congregational Church in Douglas, Massachusetts. The church voted a unanimous yes last night. Now we just need to raise about half of our salary. More details to come later, but the church has committed more than we anticipated, which is fantastic!

Here's another answered prayer before we really started to pray for it - we may already have somewhere to live that is a) spacious b) affordable and c) will give us endless stories. The landlord is a good friend of Bill the senior pastor and said he'd hold it for us if this all works out. It's a 4-bedroom apartment for $900 per month 2 blocks from the church! The "endless stories" will come from the fact that is located above a funeral home. Yep, you read that right, let the jokes begin! Basically the ground floor is the funeral home, we would have the top 2(maybe?) floors. At least we'll have quiet neighbors.

Come visit us, we'll have a cozy, quilted casket set up for you. :)

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