What's the next step?

What's the next step?

The next step is for us to raise support. The church is only able to pay about 45% of what we need to live in MA. This means we need to raise the rest. So we need to raise $32,000 per year for two years ($64,000 total). Fortunately, this is not a lot to raise compared to what the average missionary has to raise.  With our new baby almost here our hope is for fundraising and childbirth to line-up so that we're able to move not too long after Kerstin and Elling are both healthy enough to move.

If you'd like to support our ministry in the North East there are several things you can do:

1. Pray! (let us know if you'd like to receive our regular prayer updates)
2. Commit to give monthly. Commit to give any amount monthly for 2 years directly to the church. This will go 100% to supporting us.
3. Make a one time contribution directly to the church. This also goes 100% to our support.

4. Connect us with anybody that you think would be interested in supporting our ministry.

If you'd like to give, you can mail a check to:
2nd Congregational Church
PO Box 492
Douglas, MA 01516

****Please write "Associate Pastor" on the memo line.
Please let us know if you give so we can keep you updated on our venture into the North East!