Sunday, December 13, 2009

2 Down and 1 to go!

Well, we heard from the church in Mass and - WOOHOO - So far so good! The deacons gave TJ the thumbs up. Our next step is for the church to fly us up to visit and officially "candidate" in mid January. The pastor will call us back with an official date and official invitation from the church leadership to come and "candidate" after their next meeting. Hooray!

TJ will preach that day and we'll probably do some sort of meet and greet (dog & pony show) with the congregation. As long as we behave ourselves, the church will vote and hopefully "extend a call" (aka make a job offer) to TJ.

Seeing as we have our own timing issue with this littler girl growing in my belly, we'd probably be moving after she shows up which is sort of nice and I can nest a little and set up some manner of nursery. Plus the thought of driving a uhaul to the Northeast in February just sounds brutal. Exciting, but brutal.

Please keep praying with us and praise GOD that so far things have worked out.

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