Monday, August 31, 2009

We are expanding....

This isn't specifically job-related, but it is an exciting thing to pray for.

We are 10 weeks pregnant! We are expecting Baby Turner in late March. This is our first, so we are confused and bewildered at the whole thing. I never knew growing a "mini-me" would be so exhausting and zap my energy quite so much. This is a whole new world for us - and it has turned our parents inside out. One of my Mom's first comments was, "Oh - we get to go SHOPPING!". My Dad has called me a few times to remind me to eat right and not drive crazy.

Planned? Yes, pretty much.

How do I feel? Tired and yucky, but no real "sickness" which has been nice.

Cravings? I had a dream about chicken fingers one night after eating a salad with honey mustard. We went out and had them for dinner that following night - and I really thought they were the best thing I had ever eaten.

On the directly job-related front: TJ is applying for senior pastor positions at a bunch of small congregational churches in CT and MA. There are several pastors in the area who are interested in helping mentor/guide TJ through the frightening process of church revitalization, which is a huge need in the North East. So please pray that one of the opportunities will work out and that it will be a positive situation.


  1. Just so you know, the extremely tired and no energy days are only 2 or 3 weeks away from ending. Rachel went through the same thing. But the second trimester, for most from what I have read, is when your energy returns to what it was before the pregnancy began. Of course, the third is a lot like the first with the energy issues....

    We'll be praying for the jobs for you guys!

  2. We need some updates. Hook it up!